Gourmet Mac N Cheese


It’s a (gourmet) cuddle on a plate!  We’ve taken our best Mac N Cheese recipe, rehashed it and created the tastiest, cheesiest gourmet version just for you!  Saucy, creamy, garlicy, with the right amount of bacon, crunchy crouton topping and a touch of secret spices ….. you’ll want to get one of these in your freezer to have on hand!

Perfect for two with crusty bread and a green salad with balsamic vinegar.  Plate it into your own dish to heat and claim the accolades!!  We won’t tell! Leftovers don’t last long either!!

Our Gourmet Mac N Cheese is a great gift to send to friends or families when you’re looking to spread the love to those that need a comforting hug!

Not suitable for GF, DF, Vegan diets. Suitable for freezing.

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