Your proposal should be romantic, totally unique and unforgettable.
It’s your moment.
If you’re feeling a bit stressed and over whelmed about how you can make it amazing for you both, talk to us and we will (confidentially) help to create an amazing picnic proposal for you!

We start with receiving your enquiry form, email or phone call and have a quick chat, then we meet up (in person or online if we need to) and get to know you and more about your special someone. It’s relaxed and fun – think of us as your behind the scenes team that will help guide you and bring your plan to life!  Together we can talk about your picnic options that you’ll love and feel comfortable with including budgets, dates, locations, menu’s and any additional help you may need.

Live music or playlist? Sunrise, sunset or under the stars? Private beach or backyard? Bonfire … err no .. but plenty of candles and lighting – we know how to set the scene perfectly!

We have a number of proposal packages available that will ease your nerves and build the excitement starting from $695.  Each proposal picnic is as unique as the two of you are, so we curate your experience with your vision in mind but we always have a a framework for you to start from should you feel that you need help from the get go!
This experience is all about you and your special someone – we’re really excited for you both, so don’t be shy …. let’s get you engaged!

Picnic proposals are one of the most popular and memorable ways to ask your loved one to marry you!

…. just the two of you, enjoying beautiful food, relaxing and unwinding …. but only one of you knows what’s about to happen!